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InstantAir Couplings

The InstantAir range of couplings and adaptors are the original and genuine BroomWade bayonet fittings. The manufacturing business was acquired from Broomwade by PCL in 2001 and are now manufactured to the same high quality and standard in Sheffield by PCL:

  • Suitable for most fixed compressed air applications, although swivel adaptors are recommended for hose applications.
  • Bayonet fittings, preventing accidental disconnection
  • Available in zinc plated steel or chrome plated brass
  • Range of swivel or non-swivel adaptors
  • Heavy duty large bore version available.
  • High temperature version available on request


  InstantAir Coupling
Product No.  Broomwade Ref  Material  Thread Type  Thread Size
AC51CM  PT8825  Steel  Male  G 1/4
AC51EM  PT8827  Steel  Male  G 3/8
AC51JM  PT9095  Steel  Male  R 1/2
AC51CF  PT8823  Steel  Female  Rp 1/4
AC51EF  PT8800  Steel  Female  Rp 3/8
AC51JF  PT9096  Steel  Female  Rp 1/2
AC51R  PT8800/SU4  Steel  Hose Tailpiece  6.35mm (1/4”)
AC51S  PT8800/SU5  Steel  Hose Tailpiece  7.9mm (5/16”)
AC51T  PT8800/SU6  Steel  Hose Tailpiece  9.5mm (3/8”)
AC52CM  PT8826  Brass  Male  G 1/4
AC52EM  PT8828  Brass  Male  G 3/8
AC52CF  PT8824  Brass  Female  Rp 1/4
AC52EF  PT8801  Brass  Female  Rp 3/8
AC52R  PT8801/SU4  Brass  Hose Tailpiece  6.35mm (1/4”)
AC52S  PT8801/SU5  Brass  Hose Tailpiece  7.9mm (5/16”)
AC52T  PT8801/SU6  Brass  Hose Tailpiece  9.5mm (3/8”)
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